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Quality, Energy-Saving Motors
The motor is responsible for supplying the power to drive the fan's blades for maximum performance. Most quality motors today have electrical ratings of 1.5 amps or less because top-notch materials like high-grade copper wire, dynamically balanced aluminum rotors & precision bearings give the fan all of the power that it needs. Regency fans have motors that are carefully selected to be the most efficient for the room's environment, fan's blade size, and all have electrical ratings of 1.5 amps or less.

ENERGY STAR is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. With more efficient fan motors & improved blade design, ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans provide increased comfort while saving energy. Regency offers a wide selection of ENERGY STAR qualified fans & light kits.

Important Features for Quiet Operation

Bearings: Regency only uses double-sealed, lubricated-for-life, high-grade steel bearings. The lubricant stays in and the dust and dirt stay out for quiet, lifelong operation.

Speed Control: Capacitors control the speed of the fan, and Regency uses a seperate one for each speed - three in every three-speed fan. Single capacitor fans can be three-speed, but often hum.

Vibration Isolators: Generous use of gaskets and washers throughout a fan will dampen motor vibrations. Regency uses the highest quality rubber hang-bracket isolators, motor gaskets and blade-screw washers for quiet operation.

Quality Blades
Regency fan blades are finished with the best real wood veneer to keep out moisture & resist warping. They are computer balanced to within one gram of each other. Regency's blade arms are made of high-grade, die-cast zinc or steel. They are measured to the exact same pitch & balance and have large mounting screws with lock washers to ensure exact alignment.

Maximum Performance
Peak performance of any fan is attained by the perfect combination of motor size, blade pitch, & blade size. Regency's Decor-Match system offers endless combinations.

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