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Vacuum Filters

Vacuum filters act as barriers that allow air to go through them while stopping any debris or dust particles from getting past. In other words, a vacuum that doesn’t have a filtration system means that it would only suck the dirt inside its compartment only to blow it out of its exhaust port.

We can think of a vacuum cleaner filtration system as a tea strainer that allows boiling water through while catching the tea leaves. Holes that are too big will simply let the bits of leaves out together with the water, which defeats its whole purpose. Similarly, these vacuum filters are only as good as the biggest debris and dust particles they let through.

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Different Types of Vacuum Filters

Despite having the same purpose, cleaners possess different types of vacuum filters inside. Here are the most common filters used today.

The primary filter of bagged vacuum cleaners is cloth bags. The main benefit of using cloth vacuum filters is that they can be reused by simply washing them.
Cartridge filters are made of synthetic materials, foam, and paper. Since these are disposable, you’ll have to replace them every now.
Foam or sponge filters are usually installed as secondary filters. While the main filter separates the bigger debris and dust particles, this type of filter traps those that are much smaller.
A disk filter is the type of vacuum filter you often see in robotic and portable vacuum cleaners. It is often made from paper or cloth and is commonly used as a primary filtration layer.

Find Replacement Filters For Popular Makes & Models

All About Vacuums can provide you with the best vacuum filters by brand that you need online. The filters you can buy at our shop are all genuine replacement filters for all popular vacuum models and makes today.

One of the top vacuum filtration system features that we offer for our filters is HEPA technology. Vacuum filters that have this label mean that they can capture 99.99% of floating dust and particles that measure as little as 0.3 microns.

Additional Filter Information

Many manufacturers today sell their filters by sneakily adding terms like “True-HEPA” or “HEPA-like” in their product descriptions. As a consumer, you should understand that the best HEPA products are required to meet specific filtration standards before they can be categorized as such.

When purchasing our vacuum filters by brand with the HEPA label, you’ll notice that these items have serial numbers as well as their own ratings. These two are necessary to confirm that the products are original HEPA filters.

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