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Vacuum Belts

Buy the best vacuum belts by brand from All About Vacuums. Our online store features all the top brands offering vacuum belts, from Bissell, Panasonic, Sanitaire, and more. Our vacuum belt collection has something for every vacuum cleaner make and model. Browse our selection of vacuum belts by brand and find the best replacement belt for your vacuum cleaner. Our collection is guaranteed to give you all you need to maximize your vacuum cleaner’s efficiency.

Shop Belts by Brand

Keep your vacuum cleaner running at maximum efficiency! Find replacement belts for all popular vacuum makes and models.

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Looking for EnviroCare bags or filters?

Find the Best Quality Vacuum Belts Online

As veterans in the vacuum cleaner industry, we know what vacuum belts our customers need to ensure their vacuum cleaners run at peak performance.

Buy genuine vacuum belts that match your branded vacuum cleaner and rest assured that your machine will remain solid. We supply legitimate vacuum cleaner belts and equipment, securing our position as Pennsylvania’s premier vacuum cleaner specialists.

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Superior Customer Service

Our customer service specialists are ready to offer expert advice for any customer, whether you are visiting our store or purchasing online. We can help you find the vacuum belt you need to ensure your vacuum cleaner’s brush roller remains as efficient as possible.

We also provide reliable support for customers who remain unsure about their vacuum problems. Our experts are ready to listen to your concerns and address them immediately. Our 48 years of experience have prepared us to solve any vacuum cleaner issues people face.

How to Know if You Need a New Vacuum Belt

With almost 50 years in the industry, we can confidently say we know how vacuum cleaners should operate. When your machine doesn’t work as well as you remember, don’t buy a new one right away. You may simply need a new vacuum belt. Here are some signs that you need a new vacuum belt:

You may need a replacement belt if your machine is noisier than usual. Although only a few vacuum cleaner models are generally quieter, an unusually loud machine could mean your vacuum belt is about to break. You can immediately fix this if you have a spare vacuum belt on hand.
Your machine may have a stretched belt at risk of breaking if you notice any trails after cleaning a surface. While your vacuum cleaner may still have ample suction power, it may not be strong enough to collect larger debris. You may need a new vacuum belt for a firmer connection in your machine’s brush rollers.
Your vacuum cleaner may need a new vacuum belt if you notice that your machine has not been sucking up dirt. If any debris is left on your surfaces, your machine’s suction may have gone bad. Your vacuum belt is the issue if you’ve ruled out clogged filters and full bags.

Need Help Finding the Right Belt for Your Vacuum Cleaner?

We know All About Vacuums. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we are ready to help you find the vacuum belts or other vacuum parts you need. Get in touch with our vacuum cleaner industry specialists to help keep your machine running optimally.


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