Miele AirTeQ Combination Floorhead (SBD 650-3)


The Miele AirTeQ Floorhead is Energy-saving, efficient and silent thanks to optimized air flow.


  • Up to 40% less electricity used
  • Especially powerful even when set to low setting
  • For particularly quiet vacuuming
  • Metal soleplate for smooth-running vacuuming on carpets
  • Soft bumper strip

Exclusive to Miele:

Flexible all-rounder Miele universal floorheads are a practical solution for living areas with a variety of different floor coverings. The roller brush can be engaged or disengaged depending on the floor covering with the foot switch. This makes Miele universal floorheads equally suite for cleaning carpets and hard floors. Thanks to the smooth metal soleplate and the rubberized roller, they glide easily across the floor.

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