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Central Vacuum Kits

Central vacuums are cost-effective investments because they provide countless benefits. For starters, central vacuums create minimal noise, which means that you can clean your home without disrupting other people. Central vacuums are also user-friendly and lightweight. While central vacuums are already useful, investing in central vacuum kits will make your cleaning tool more efficient. Central vacuum kits contain all of the accessories you can need to clean better and faster with your central vacuum!

If you’re on the lookout for the best central vacuum kits for your central vacuums, you’re in the right place. We at All About Vacuums carry different central vacuum accessory kits — from power nozzles, dust brushes, hose hangers to wand holders! No matter what central vacuum brand you own, we have the perfect accessory kits for you!

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We Carry a Wide Range of Central Vacuum Brands

Different people have different preferences when it comes to central vacuum brands. We understand the market is diverse when it comes to their brand preferences, which is why we pride ourselves on selling central vacuum accessory kits that support different brands!

Do you have a central vacuum cleaner at home? Use a central vacuum at your office? Whatever the central vacuum brand you have, we’ve got you covered!

Here at All About Vacuums, we sell a wide range of central vacuum brands. We are the best one-stop-shop for all of your vacuum needs online! Browse our website and place an order today, so you can maximize your central vacuum using the best central vacuum accessory kits!

Shop Central Vacuums & Kits In These Brands:

  • Beam
  • Riccar
  • Sebo

Buy From the Best Online Vacuum Store Today!

Central vacuum kits are smart investments because they allow you to maximize the features of your central vacuum. When you buy the right central vacuum kits, you can clean larger areas but save time and energy during the process!

If you have any questions about central or commercial vacuums, feel free to reach us at (215) 230-7000 or 888-565-6163.

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