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Vacuum America Clean bags are all made using only H-10 HEPA 5 Layer micro filtration, while other companies are only made with a 2-ply micro lined bag. WHATS THE DIFFERENCE?

Micro line bags = one layer filtration paper and one layer melt blown non-woven fabric.

H-10 HEPA bags= 5 Layer Non-woven fabric S+M+S+M+S  “S” mean spun- bonded non-woven fabric. Because of this filtration H-10 catches particles below 0.3 microns where other bags only catch particles larger than 0.3 micron.

Not only is V.A.C. brand bags an allergy sufferer’s “BEST FRIEND” as it captures and holds almost all the fine dust and allergen dirt that your vacuum pulls off the floor, it all prohibits any debris to blow back out into the air.


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