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Clean Obsessed Vacuums

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At All About Vacuums, we carry a wide range of Clean Obsessed vacuum cleaners. Designed as commercial machines, these vacuums carry the toughest motors available online. Built using only the best parts, they don’t just have the highest quality vacuums but can further be used all day, every day. Because of this, Clean Obsessed Vacuums are known to many as one of the most powerful vacuums in terms of suction and durability.

Clean Obsessed vacuums were designed as commercial machines, with the toughest motors and parts, made to last for all day, everyday use. They are built with not only the highest quality internal workings, but also have what has been described by many as having the most powerful suction of any vacuums on earth.

What Clean Obsessed Items Do We Sell?

  • Vacuums
  • Power Nozzle Kits
  • Canisters
  • & More

From vacuums, nozzle kits, canisters, and more, we offer various products from Clean Obsessed. Each item has plenty of features to offer, making cleaning the home a less tedious task. Here is a selection of all the Clean Obsessed items we carry at All About Vacuums.

Clean Obsessed offers plenty of vacuums from their affordable Commercial Lightweight Canister to the Commercial Heavy Duty Upright vacuums. The former option provides you with a portable and lightweight canister vacuum that can be used in various commercial settings. This model weighs less than 10 lbs, so you can bring it with you to all kinds of spaces that need cleaning. Because it was engineered for commercial use, it is the world’s more powerful lightweight commercial canister. The latter choice provides you with a strong, 1,000W commercial heavy-duty dual-motor system powerful enough to clean the toughest and dirtiest carpets. It comes with a stretch hose that extends as much as six feet along with an ergonomic handle that won’t hurt your hands. Furthermore, its powerful HEPA system uses a filter bag that can rid your home of 99.9% of allergens, dirt, and debris.
We also carry power nozzle kits by Clean Obsessed as well as stand-alone power nozzles. You can install this kit on Clean Obsessed Backpack Models CO6 and CO10. With this kit, you can switch from a straight suction backpack to electricity with this EBK341 electric kit. This power nozzle kit will allow you to clean various kinds of carpets rather than low-pile rugs and bare floors. Moreover, the brush roll included in this kit will allow you to clean much deeper on all kinds of flooring. The kit comes with an Electric Power Nozzle with Brushroll, a seven-inch hose, two wands, various cables, and Part #COB341.
Commercial lightweight canisters by Clean Obsessed are also available. Weighing less than 10 lbs, these powerful canisters offer more than 115 inches of water lift to provide the most suction of any commercial vacuum of its size. It also comes with an eight-piece tool kit, which includes:
  •       Combo rub and floor tool
  •       Stainless steel telescopic wand
  •       Upholstery tool with slide-on brush
  •       Round brush
  •       Crevice tool
  •       Floor tool
  •       Swivel neck
  •       Rear wheels
For a more powerful canister variant, be sure to check out our power nozzle canister vacuum, Clean Obsessed Canister with Electric Power Nozzle.
Lastly, All About Vacuums also carries Commercial Backpacks by Clean Obsessed. The Commercial 6 Quart Backpack is currently available. It also has a 1,000W dual-motor along with a well-built HEPA filtration system. It has a built-in circuit breaker that automatically turns off the brush roll—this protects the motor and your carpet should it sense a jam in the brush roll. Lastly, it comes with various attachments such as the plastic wand, crevice tool, and a combination upholstery tool and dust brush. For the best prices and great Clean Obsessed products, you can trust All About Vacuums to provide you with what you need.


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