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Sanitaire Vacuums

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sanitaire vacuumShop Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners Online

All About Vacuums has the latest Sanitaire professional vacuums to handle all your needs. We offer guaranteed prices and are sales partners of the company. This means that you get access to any repair and service benefits the company has. Buy yours today and see why many believe that Sanitaire vacuum cleaners are the best in the market.

High Quality & Affordable Sanitaire Vacuums

Not only do we offer lower prices than most retailers online, but Sanitaire vacuums are also some of the most durable models available. They are vacuum cleaners you see in hotels and restaurants. Many companies trust the brand because of its long-lasting vacuums. New models have even better features and superiority brought about by new technology.

Every Sanitaire professional vacuum you buy adheres to HEPA standards. With their power, they can maximize energy use, so you get more while saving more energy.

Why Purchase Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners From All About Vacuums?

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Better Health and Living Conditions

Dust and dirt are silent attackers, contributing to many health conditions in homes and public spaces. The accumulation can lead to poor air quality. Even with regular cleaning, the lack of a strong vacuum cleaner means that dust is free to roam. They can contribute to increased cases of asthma, colds, and other diseases.

HEPA filters from Sanitaire’s vacuums can help remove all allergens and particles in the air. They significantly lower the chances of catching any disease while also extending the life of furniture and other items. The vacuums are versatile. You can use them on the floor, in vents, and even above shelves.

With the CRI stamp of approval, our Sanitaire vacuums ensure a better quality environment. You don’t need to worry about your children catching allergens while they’re playing. You also keep areas of high traffic safe. With better health, everyone in the house can perform better, whether it’s work or school.

Additional Sanitaire Information

Sanitaire Professional Vacuum Features

Our models have a combination of these features that make vacuum work intuitive and easy. Here’s what you can expect when you choose from our variety of Sanitaire vacuum cleaners available:

Quiet Clean: Sanitaire’s proprietary technology means that their vacuums have lower noise output. Each model is LEED approved and is within the HEPA filtration standards.

ShakeOut Bags: Dust that the vacuum collects gathers inside a tight bag for easy removal. Simply opening and shaking the bag will dump the contents, making the process efficient.

CRI Approved: Sanitaire meets CRI standards, following all of them to ensure safety and durability. The older models also undergo revamping to ensure they fall into these ever-changing requirements.

Dust Cup: The dust cup ensures that no larger debris and particles get into the vital parts of the vacuum. It also makes for easier filtering. You can detach the dump cup and remove the contents, saving time in the process.

Backpack Models: Backpack models make it easy for you to transport the vacuum wherever you go. These models have a lightweight design, giving you the freedom to maneuver and clean as you go.

Long-lasting Motor: Sanitaire boasts some of the most durable vacuum motors in the market. They can last an average of 2,500 hours for upright models. You can enjoy your vacuum for many years, as long as you keep them well maintained.

Canister models: Sanitaire’s canister vacuums specialize in cleaning hard floors. They can clean wood and tile as easy as cleaning rugs. They are also easy to carry and have enough flexibility for those hard-to-reach places.

Sales and Offers

All About Vacuums has sales and offers to go all year round. You can check back for any new stock or sales we have. You can get discounts on a wide variety of Sanitaire vacuums, from older models to recent releases. We also have vacuum parts for sale, like a Sanitaire vacuum belt.

Vacuum Wash

Newer models of Sanitaire vacuums act both as a vacuum and washing tool. It removes the need for mops and cloths, which can gather hard-to-remove dust. There’s no need to use spray bottles as these vacuums can get the job done, saving you time and money. They’re also easy to operate, with only one touch of a button for the entire process.

Shop With Us Today

If you’re interested in Sanitaire vacuums, then don’t hesitate to browse through our selection. You can also contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll do our best to get you the vacuum you want.


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