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sebo vacuumSEBO has a produced private-label equipment for some of the world's largest distributors. They are the chosen vacuum cleaners of the world's most exclusive hotels, universities, hospitals, and public institutions — including Buckingham Palace and the White House! Now, you may utilize their cutting-edge cleaning technology in your own house.

Better Homes and Gardens, TIME, Consumer's Digest, Wired Test, Real Simple, and other magazines have given SEBO vacuums both honors and acclaim. Their scientific advancements in cleaning technology are the best in the business.

SEBO was the first vacuum producer in the world to incorporate:

  • An upright vacuum with an integrated suction hose
  • A clutch-protected brush operated by a timing belt
  • SEBO vacuum bags filled from the top, then a microfilter, and finally the motor
  • A microfilter that is electrostatic
  • An electrical brush controller and a safety shutoff
  • A canister vacuum with a soft bumper that prevents damage to walls and furniture
  • Automatic height adjustment that is electronically regulated, S-class filtering, and a precision wand with a telescopic hose

It’s the world's best vacuum cleaner to this day!

SEBO vacuum cleaners are easy to use and come with buffers to safeguard walls and furniture. They remove pet hair well and are simple to assemble and operate. They clean a wide range of surfaces effectively.

SEBO Vacuums Are Known For Being Great For:

  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Allergy Relief
  • Asthma Relief
  • Reliability
Additional SEBO Information

SEBO upright and canister vacuums are ideal for houses with wooden floors, thick carpets, and area rugs because they have powerful suction, firmly built designs, and vigorous cleaning functions. With SEBO's powerful suction and strong cleaning heads, you can effortlessly sweep up cat and dog fur. SEBO vacuum cleaners are constructed to last and are simple to maintain, thanks to their German design and manufacturing.

SEBO vacuum cleaners are made of heavy-duty, fortified ABS plastic, metal and aluminum parts, steel bearings and axles, and top-of-the-line motors. As a result, SEBO users possess vacuum cleaners that are dependable and long-lasting. Competing vacuum cleaners are manufactured of thin, weak, low-cost plastic materials that aren't strengthened and have a one- or two-year usable life.

SEBO vacuums save regular homeowners hundreds of dollars by delivering fantastic performance for 10 to 15 years or more if properly maintained, and their power-brush technology for thorough cleaning preserves the life of your carpets.

Purchase SEBO Vacuums From Us Today

You've come to the right place if you're looking to buy a vacuum cleaner that will take up every last speck of dust, dander, hair, and other kinds of debris that makes up a dirty carpet or floor.

SEBO vacuums are here to make your house a better place, too, with award-winning German design, breakthrough filtration systems, and green practices to benefit our planet.

At All About Vacuums, we sell SEBO vacuums in NJ to homes, companies, schools, restaurants, and other establishments. Call us at our shop or buy from us online! Whatever your requirements, we have the right vacuum cleaner for you.


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