Hoover Ground Command Air Mover

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  • 3 Speed Motor
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The Hoover Ground Command Air Mover is a powerful and versatile tool for rapidly drying and ventilating large spaces. Designed for both commercial and industrial applications, this air mover features a high-velocity motor that efficiently moves air, helping to accelerate the drying of carpets, floors, and other surfaces after cleaning or water damage.

With its rugged and stackable design, the Hoover Ground Command Air Mover is built to withstand tough environments. It offers multiple drying positions, allowing you to direct airflow where it’s needed most. This makes it an ideal choice for drying out wet areas quickly and effectively.

Whether you’re a professional cleaner, restorer, or simply need to address moisture issues in a large space, the Hoover Ground Command Air Mover is a reliable and efficient solution to help you maintain a dry and clean environment.

Reduce the drying time of your wet walls, floors, or ceilings with the Hoover Ground Command Air Mover (.5 HP / 2200 CFM)  

Enjoy guaranteed durability for years of use with this blower’s roto-molded 14-inch chassis. Precisely direct your air with three operating positions (for floor, walls, and ceilings) and adjust your blower’s power with its 3-speed motor. Contains a sturdy 9.5-inch steel fan blade that’s surrounded by two screens for your protection.  

Storage is easy! Up to 3 air blowers can be stacked on top of each other to save space in your garage. The 20-ft power cord lets you move the unit around the house with ease.

9.5″ Wide, Steel Fan Blade and Frame

14″ Chassis Opening

Roto-Molded Body – Ensures durability and years of use with this blower, which is also easy to keep clean

Three Operating Positions – Precisely direct air where you need it

Conveniently Stack Up to 3 Air Mover Units – For easier storage

A Balanced Design with Molded Carrying Handle – For easy transportation

Air Intake and Outlet Screens – Keep airflow free of debris and protect operators from the powerful, steel fan blades

20 Foot Long Power Cord

Lifetime Warranty – On roto-molded chassis.

1 Year Warranty – On electrical components

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