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  • Genuine Kirby Belts (2-Pack)

    Fits Kirby systems made after 1970.



  • Kirby Stain Remover Plus Oxy 22oz

    Kirby Stain Remover with Oxy

    22 oz.

    Used on carpet, upholstery, automotive interior and other fabrics

    Ideal for removing coffee stains, grease and food stains, pet stains, tracked-in dirt and more

    Made in the USA



  • Kirby Sentria F-Style & Twist Style H-10 HEPA Bag

    Kirby Sentria Style F & Twist Style

    V.A.C. Kirby Vacuum bags

    • Clean air h-10 hepa vacuum bags
    • 5 layer micro filtration
    • Captures over 99 percent of all household debris
    • Allergy Suffer’s Best Friend

    9 pack



  • Kirby Generation HEPA Bags (9-Pack)

    KIRBY* Style 3 and all Generation Models (Generation 3,4,5,6)

    H-10 HEPA Filtration 9 Bags per Pack



  • Kirby Carpet Pre-treatment 22oz

    The Kirby Shampoo Pre-treatment is for use on carpets as stain remover before shampooing your carpet. It is great to use in heavily soiled area, such as entryways, walkways, stairways, kitchen, and family rooms. The pre-treat contains heavy duty cleaning agents that quickly dissolve soil that can be easily and effectively removed by shampooing. The Pre-treat Shampoo can be used on all colorfast carpeting. Professional strength, just spray on and then blot the stain away with a clean with cloth. Use to get out the toughest stains such as blood, oil, pet stains, cosmetics, crayon, dirt, lipsticks, grass, grease, vomit, grime, most inks, mud, rust, saliva, soil, tobacco, and urine



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