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  • Simplicity / Titan T3200 / Cleanmax Nitro Belt (2-Pack)

    This two-pack of belts fits the

    • Simplicity S20EZM upright vacuum.
    • Titan T3200
    • CleanMax Nitro


  • Titan HEPA Media Vacuum Cleaner Cloth Bags (6-Pack)

    Fits the Following Titan Models

    • T3000 Deluxe Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    • T4000 Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    • TC6000 Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    • T3200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner


  • Riccar / Simplicity / Cleanmax Battery Pack R10CV / S10CV / ZM-800


    Riccar/ Simplicity/ CleanMax/ Titan Cordless Vacuum Battery.

    This is a Genuine Battery from Tacony Corp.  This battery is genuine to all listed vacuum brands.

    Built for 60 minutes of run time. And a fast 2 hour charge time.



  • Titan TCS5702 / TCS6602 HEPA Central Vacuum Cloth Bags

    Titan Central Vacuum bags

    These Titan HEPA central vacuum bags are beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers because HEPA filtration traps fine dust, dirt and allergen particles that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. These HEPA Type bags fit the following central vacuums Titan: TCS5702, TCS6602. It is recommended changing the bag when it is 1/2 full or there is a loss of suction. This will keep your central vacuum system running at its peak performance.



  • Titan T3200 Upright

    HEPA Filtration

    On-Board Cleaning Tools

    Bright Headlight

    Manual Height Adjustment

    Stretch Hose



  • Titan T500 Cordless LightWeight

    With the Titan Cordless Vacuum, enjoy the power of a regular vacuum without the inconveniences of winding and unwinding a cord, tangles and trip hazards, or running out of cord just before the job is done. With a 44-volt lithium ion battery, the T500 cordless runs for up to 50 minutes* without charging, and with the press of a button, a battery level indicator lets you know when you need to recharge.

    The Titan cordless is durable with a metal handle tube, wheel axles and upright stop. It also uses the self-sealing genuine HEPA media vacuum bag to trap dust.

    Little extras add up to a lot, with the on/off switch on the DeluxeTouch handle grip, a squeegee for spotless bare floor cleaning, an ultra-bright LED headlight, rubber wheels and a convenient carry handle.

    *Run time may vary based on the floor surface, charge level and age of the battery.



  • Titan HEPA Filter (T4000 / TC6000)

    • Titan T4000 and TC6000 UPRIGHT Vacuum HEPA Filter.
    • Fits Titan Models: T4000 Heavy Duty Upright and TC6000 Commercial Upright.
    • 1 Genuine HEPA Filter in Package.
    • Manufacturer Part Number: T4-HEPA


  • Titan TCS4702 Condo Central Vacuum System

    • 700 Air Watts, 140″ Waterlift
    • Ideal for Condos, Apartments, Boats, & RV’s
    • Paper Bagged System
    • 12″ diameter X 18″ high
    • Automatic Utility Inlet
    • Quick Designed Mounting Bracket
    • Exhaust Muffler/Venting Optional
    • Power Indicator Light
    • Ultra Quiet Design
    • Durable Metal Construction
    • Compact Design Fits into Small Spaces
    • Long 6′ Power Cord
    • 10 Year Motor & electrical Warranty


  • Titan Compact Canister (T1400)

    Titan T1400 Straight Suction Compact Canister

    Light weight suction canister is great for Hardfloors and low pile rugs.

    Get the power of Titan with the Titan T1400 deluxe straight suction canister! This canister vacuum is ideal for homes with bare floors everywhere. Titan’s T1400 deluxe canister vacuum is powerful and easily cleans bare floors and low pile carpets. Take the Titan T1400 deluxe canister vacuum from tile to wood to linoleum without ever changing the floor tool. For a quick change for furniture and drapes, the handy onboard tools ride along with you. Simply attach what you need and go! Built with loads of features like the full bag sensor, hose swivel, extension wand, and variable speed control, the T1400 deluxe canister vacuum will make easy work of your cleaning.



  • Titan T4000.2

    Titan’s T4000.2 heavy duty upright vacuum offers the best in functionality and is built to last. High performance features like onboard tools and telescopic wand let you easily switch from powerfully cleaning carpets to gently cleaning bare floor surfaces. A steel brushroll with replaceable inserts, steel 2-fan motor, bottom plate and handle ensure durability even with extreme cleaning.



  • Titan T9500 Canister

    Titan’s T9500 Deluxe Canister Vacuum is durable, sleek and provides a powerful cleaning performance – every time.  The feature-rich T9500 easily cleans bare floors, carpet and plush carpet. The full bag sensor lets you know when to change bags, and with extras like handle and nozzle quick releases, hose swivel, pet pick up tool and strong power nozzle, cleaning will be done in no time!Titan



  • Titan T9200 Canister

    The Titan T9200 bagged canister vacuum is great for mixed flooring. Equipped with a HEPA cloth bag and a back up HEPA filter.  A 26 foot cord, and a telescoping wand with a 7 foot hose allow you to clean those hard to reach areas. 12 AMP commercial grade motor- so whether you are doing lots of cleaning, or are just wanting a machine that lasts a long time, this model stands the test of time. This model comes with a 1 year warranty, integrated tool storage, and you have the ability to control your carpeting power head brush roll by an on / off button. This is a great feature if you have any delicate area rugs or if you have any rugs with tassels on them. A separate hard flooring attachment gives you the best clean on any hard surface flooring– even delicate hard flooring.



  • Titian T750 Commercial 6qt Backpack

    6 Quart Dust Canister

    1.50″ Diameter Deluxe Tools

    Extra Long 50′ Power Cord 

    1 Year Warranty

    The Titan T750 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner is designed to withstand commercial use. This backpack vacuum is ultra lightweight and includes a complete set of cleaning attachments and accessories for cleaning carpet, bare floors, and everything in between. Its extra long 50′ power cord allows the user to clean larger areas without having to stop as often. Backpack vacuum cleaners are considered the most practical vacuum for use in homes, restaurants, large offices, and more.


  • Titan T8000 Bagless

    Motor 12 amp
    Bagless Yes
    Filtration HEPA
    Height Adjustment Multi-level
    Cord 24′ Auto Rewind
    Cleaning Path 14″
    Hose Length 7′; 360º swivel


  • Titan 7″ Cartridge Filter (TCS5525)

    The Titan 7″ Cartridge Replacement Filter is designed to keep the air in your home fresh. Without proper filtration, dust and particles will contaminate your air, which can threaten your healt



  • Titan TCS6602 Central Vacuum System

    • 625 Air Watts, 132″ Waterlift
    • For Homes Up To 10,000 Sq Ft
    • HEPA Self Cleaning Filter
    • Hybrid System: Can Be Used With or Without a Bag
    • 5-Gallon Dirt Canister
    • 12′ Diameter Metal Construction
    • Dual Intake Options
    • 6′ Power Cord
    • Venting Optional
    • Exhaust Muffler
    The Titan TCS6602 Central Vacuum System continues the tradition in which Titan Units have been built on by using heavy-duty, long-lasting central vacuum motors. The motor inside the TCS6602 is not the standard motor, it is a high-performance Tangential 2 stage motor. These motors create more suction, improves vacuum performance and last longer than the standard central vacuum motor. The Titan TCS6602 features HEPA filtration and offers 625 air watts and 132″ waterlift. Ideal for large homes up to 10,000 Sq Ft.


  • Titan TCS5525 Central Vacuum System

    • 525 Air Watts, 124″ Waterlift, 121 CFM
    • Ideal For Homes Up To 5,000 Sq Ft
    • Filtered Cyclonic Unit
    • 6 Gallon Dirt Canister
    • Long-Lasting Cartridge Filter
    • Ultra Quiet Noise Level
    • Muffler Included
    • Onboard Inlet Valve
    • Durable Steel Construction
    • Powerful 5.7″ Motor
    The Titan TCS5525 Central Vacuum System is ideal for homes up to 5,000 Sq Ft. This central vacuum offers 525 air watts and 125″ waterlift of powerful suction. The TCS5525 is a filtered cyclonic unit that utilizes the systems cyclonic separation for the primary filtration while a pleated cartridge is used as the secondary filter that traps dust, dirt, and allergens. It is recommended changing the cartridge filter at least once a year to keep the Titan TCS5525 running at its peak performance.


  • Titan TCS5702 Central Vacuum System

    • 700 Air Watts, 140″ Waterlift
    • For Homes Up To 7,500 Sq Ft
    • Hybrid System: Can Be Used With or Without a Bag
    • 5 Gallon Dirt Canister
    • Micro Tex Self Cleaning Filter
    • Venting Not Required
    • On/Off Switch
    • Dual Intake
    • Ultra Quiet
    • 5.7″ Flow-Thru Motor
    The Titan TCS5702 Central Vacuum System is an ultra-powerful unit that boasts 700 air watts of suction power. This unit ideal for homes up to 7,500 Sq Ft and offers both left and right intake options for easy and hassle-free installation. If you are looking for quality, power, and performance then the Titan TCS 5702 is the right choice. The TCS5702 is a hybrid unit that can be used with or without a disposable dust bag. By using a dust bag helps eliminate odors, allergens, dust mites, and other debris.


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