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How to Protect Your Carpet Investment

iStock_000010641666Small BedroomWhen you buy a car, your dealer will remind you to get regular service.

Oil changes and other forms of maintenance on your vehicle are a simple way of protecting your investment.

The same philosophy applies to your carpeting. Ask professional carpet cleaning companies, and they’ll tell you the best way to protect your carpet investment is by regular vacuuming.

By regular, we mean once or twice a week. Your carpet may not even seem that dirty, but most of the soil that gets into the fabric isn’t visible.

As you track in soil, this dirt dries and begins to act almost like sandpaper, cutting into the fibers. By vacuuming and removing this soil, you get rid of traffic patterns along the heavily-walked sections of your floors.

Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your carpet looks its best.

  1. Remove spots right away

Spots that aren’t removed immediately can turn into a permanent stain on your carpet.  Remove them right away, but only after you’ve made sure you’re using the right spot cleaner. Choose one that’s been recommended by the carpet maker or your professional carpet cleaner.

  1. Invest in a doormat

This is probably the simplest tip on the list. A good doormat will trap dirt and other substances and keep them from getting tracked inside your home and onto your carpets.

  1. Get your carpets cleaned by a professional

There’s only so much you can do on your own. If you’re vacuuming once or twice a week, you should still have a professional look at your carpets once or twice a year. Professional cleaners can get rid of the dust and dirt that your household vacuum doesn’t pick up.

  1. Reapply your carpet protector

Stain resistant nylon carpeting comes with a soil resistor, but this function of the carpet breaks down over time due to regular foot traffic and harsh cleaners. To extend the life of your carpet, apply a carpet protector – such as Scotchgard – every time you have your carpet cleaned by a professional.

  1. Know your warranty

The terms of every stain-resist warranty require the carpet owners to perform regular cleaning and immediate spot removal. One thing that changes is the length of the warranty, which can range from five to 20 years. Be sure you know how long your warranty lasts.

Beyond all this, you need to know if you have a vacuum cleaner that’s right for your carpeting. If you think it’s time to upgrade the way you clean your floors, All About Vacuums can help. With more than 1,000 vacuums in stock, we’re sure we have the one that’s right for your carpet. Contact us today and let us give you a tool to protect your investment.