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Tool Tips You Need

Who chooses a vacuum based on tools? Almost nobody. The tools are taken for granted, and it’s not until you’re at home trying to figure out how to clean something specific that you realize the right tool for the job would make a big difference. For some meaningful tool tips, we turned to Tom Gasko.…

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Indoor Dust and Pollution Is The Enemy!

Is a clean home important to YOU? What you can’t see can actually be hurting you and your family. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has linked fine particles from homes to several adverse health effects including asthma, bronchitis and lung disease. Harmful particulate can become stuck in your lungs and cause serious and annoying symptoms…

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What’s The Big Deal About The Seal?

If you think of your carpet as a giant collector of dust and other allergens, it makes sense that proper and regular vacuuming is the easiest and best way to keep carpet clean – and impact the air you breathe indoors. Simplicity is particular about particulates. We know you want to buy the best vacuum…

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