Clean Obsessed Vacuums

  • Clean Obsessed Commercial Lightweight Canister

    MODEL : CO711


    • Lightweight Portable Commercial Canister Vacuum.
    • Weighs less than 10 LBS.
    • Engineered for commercial use.

    Most powerful lighweight commercial canister.



  • Clean Obsessed Commercial 10qt Backpack

    MODEL : CO10

    WEIGHT : 9.5LBS



  • Clean Obsessed Commercial 6qt Backpack

    MODEL : CO6

    WEIGHT : 9.5LBS



  • Clean Obsessed CO711 Hi-Reach 12ft Pack

    The Clean Obsessed Lightweight Commercial HEPA Canister is THE MOST POWERFUL under 10 pound commercial canister available. The Clean Obsessed Lightweight Commercial HEPA Canister boasts a powerful motor that generates 115 inches of Waterlift!! A suction level that is unheard of in compact canisters!




  • Clean Obsessed Commercial Upright (CO12P)

    Features and Specifications:

    • 12 inch Chrome Steel Brush Roll with Replaceable Brush Strips
    • Textured Durable Plastic Hood
    • 8.5 Amp Motor
    • Easy Clean Fan Chamber
    • 6 Position Height Adjustment Knob
    • Shake-Out Bag Assembly
    • 50 foot 3-Wire Cord
    • Quick Release Upper Cord Hook
    • Metal Handle Tubes
    • Metal Foot Release Pedal
    • Metal Step-On Switch
    • Fully Bumpered Nozzle


  • Clean Obsessed CO711 Canister w/ Lithium Battery Power Nozzle

    The most powerful lightweight commercial canister

    The Clean Obsessed doesn’t sacrifice power, despite its lightweight and compact design. With 115 inches of water lift, the Clean Obsessed Canister Vacuum gets down deep to give floors a truly complete clean.


    CO711 Compact Canister with the high-power battery nozzle that makes cleaning even easier. While the Clean Obsessed vacuum is powered through a cord, the power nozzle is battery powered.


    This Power Nozzle has a runtime of up to one hour on a single battery charge.



  • Clean Obsessed Commercial Lightweight (CO202)

    • XXL Capacity Top-Fill H-10 Hepa Bags With 5 Layer Micro Filtration SMS Lined
    • Outer Cloth Bag
    • Quick Change Cord System – Pigtail Cord Plugs IN To 40 Feet Heavy Duty
    • Extension Cord. No More Down Time Or Costly Repairs
    • Self-Adjusting Head – Goes from Carpet To bare Floors
    • Quick Change Belt System – Side Panel Come Off For Easy Access
    • Side Sweep Brushes For Effective Edge Cleaning
    • Non-Marking Wheels And Bumper
    • Anti-Microbial Bristles On The Brushroll
    • Large Rear Wheels And Ergonomic Handle For Easy Transport
    • Fingertip Contoured ON/OFF Switch
    • Large Cord Wrap On Back


  • Power Nozzle for Backpack

    • Electric Power Nozzle with Brush roll and different levels of height adjustment
    • 7′ Hose
    • Electric Wand
    • Cables


  • Power Nozzle Kit for Backpack

    • Electric Power Nozzle with Brushroll
    • 7′ Hose
    • 2 Wands
    • Cables


  • Commercial Heavy Duty Upright

    Model: CO101
    Cleaning Path: 15 inches
    Cord Length: 50 feet
    Weight: 19 lbs.
    Warranty: 2 years

    Amperage: 9.6
    Wattage: 1,000
    CFM: 95
    Waterlift: 90 inches
    Voltage: 120V



Introducing Clean Obsessed Vacuums, the ultimate cleaning companion for your home or commercial space. Clean Obsessed Vacuums are designed with efficiency and reliability in mind, delivering powerful suction and advanced features to ensure a thorough cleaning experience.

Clean Obsessed Vacuums are known for their exceptional performance on various floor surfaces. Whether you have carpets, hardwood, tiles, or laminate, these vacuums effectively remove dirt, dust, and debris, leaving your floors spotless and fresh.

Built with durability and longevity in mind, Clean Obsessed Vacuums feature robust construction and high-quality materials. They are designed to withstand heavy-duty use and provide reliable cleaning power for extended periods. You can trust these vacuums to handle your cleaning needs with ease.

Clean Obsessed Vacuums are equipped with advanced filtration systems to capture allergens and microscopic particles, helping to improve indoor air quality. This makes them an excellent choice for those with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

With user-friendly features like adjustable suction settings, versatile attachments, and easy-to-empty dustbins or bags, Clean Obsessed Vacuums offer convenience and ease of use. The ergonomic designs and maneuverability allow you to effortlessly navigate around furniture and tight spaces, ensuring a thorough clean in every corner of your home or commercial area.

Choose Clean Obsessed Vacuums for their exceptional cleaning performance and durability. Experience the efficiency and reliability they provide, and enjoy a cleaner and healthier living or working environment. Clean Obsessed Vacuums are the perfect choice for those who value power, reliability, and excellent cleaning results.

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