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Commercial Backpack Electric Power Nozzle Kit Upgrade w/ Height Adjustment

$649.99 $499.00

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Product Overview:

This kit is designed to fit the Clean Obsessed Commercial Backpacks Model numbers CO6 and CO10. Change your straight suction backpack to electric with  the EBK360 electric kit. With this kit you will have to ability to clean different piles of carpeting rather than just bare floors and low pile area rugs. The brush roll in the power nozzle will get a deeper clean on any kind of flooring that you are cleaning. The power nozzle has a manual height adjustment to have the ability to clean even the highest plush carpeting with ease.

Comes with:

  • Electric Power Nozzle with Brush roll and different levels of height adjustment
  • 7′ Hose
  • Electric Wand
  • Cables

Part #COB360

Will fit Clean Obsessed Backpack Models CO6 (6 Qt. Machine) and CO10 (10 Qt. Machine)