Cirrus Vacuums

  • Cirrus Commercial Bagged Upright (CPU-4T)

    Heavy duty commercial upright with on-board tools.


    •  Powerful 10 Amp Motor
    •  Metal Brushroll
    •  Metal Handle & Bottom Plate
    •  Electrostatic Filtration
    •  On-board Tools
    •  Metal Telescopic Wand
    •  40’ 3-Wire Cord
    •  HEPA Disposable Bags (C-14007) Extra HEPA Bag Included
    • Thermal Reset Button
    •  2 Year Warranty


  • Cirrus Pet Edition Upright Vacuum (CR99)

    Cirrus: C-CR99

    Cirrus Performance Pet Edition Upright Vacuum with variable speed and Quickdraw style tools on board. Powerful 12 Amp Motor. Rug/Floor Selector. 14” Metal Brushroll. Metal Handle & Bottom Plate. Pet Hair Grabbing Turbo Tool. HEPA Type Exhaust Filter. Odor Eliminating Carbon. Secondary Filter. HEPA Type Bag. Automatic Height Adjustment. Metal Telescopic Wand. 32’ Power Cord. Brilliant Headlight. Switch On Handle.  2-Fan Motor. 5 year Limited Warranty.


  • Cirrus Compact Canister Vacuum (VC248)

    • Cirrus VC248 Variable Speed Straight-Suction Canister with tools.
    • Powerful 12 Amp Motor.
    • 85” Water Lift.
    • Lightweight 9 lbs.
    • Variable Speed Control.
    • Check Bag Indicator Light.
    • HEPA Type Filtration.
    • Full Bag Indicator.
    • Tools with Telescopic Wand.
    • Cord Reel.
    • 2-year Limited Warranty.


  • Cirrus Professional Upright Vacuum (CR79)

    Cirrus Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Powerful 12 Amp Motor. Rug/Floor Selector. 14” Metal Brushroll. Metal Handle & Bottom Plate. Quickdraw Style Tools On Board. Electrostatic Filtration with HEPA. Type Bag. Automatic Height Adjustment. Metal Telescopic Wand. 33’ Power Cord. Brilliant Headlight. Switch On Handle.   5 year Limited Warranty.


    • Rug/Floor Selector
    • Metal Handle, Brushroll & Bottom Plate
    • Metal Brushroll
    • Metal Bottom Plate
    • 12 Amp Motor
    • Quick-Draw Style Tools On Board
    • Headlight
    • 5 year Limited Warranty.


  • Cirrus Canister Vacuum Clean (VC439)

    Cirrus VC439 Canister vacuum with power nozzle has a powerful 12 Amp Motor with variable Speed Suction Control. Also includes a check Bag Indicator Light with dual Swivel Hose for Easy Control. Uses a HEPA Type Filtration System with Dual Filtration. Includes a 5-year Limited Warranty.




  • Cirrus Professional Upright Vacuum (CR69A)

    Cirrus Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    • Powerful 12 Amp Motor
    • 14” Metal Brushroll
    • Metal Handle & Bottom Plate
    • Quickdraw Style Tools On Board
    • Electrostatic Filtration with HEPAType Bag
    • Automatic Height Adjustment. Plastic
    • Telescopic Wand. 32’ Power Cord
    • Brilliant Headlight
    • Switch On Handle
    • 5-year Limited Warranty.


  • Cirrus Commercial Professional Grade Upright Vacuum (CR9100)

    Cirrus Commercial Upright vacuum with Quickdraw style tools on board.


    • Powerful 10 Amp Motor
    • 14” Metal Brushroll – C-20000
    • Full Bag Indicator Light
    • Reinforced Durable Nozzle Housing
    • Metal Handle & Bottom Plate
    • HEPA filtration with HEPA type bag
    • Automatic Height Adjustment
    • Metal Telescopic Wand
    • 50’ 3-Wire Quick-Change Cord
    • Easy Access Belt Change
    • Clean Air Bypass Motor
    • Thermal Reset Button
    • 2 year Limited Warranty


Introducing Cirrus Vacuums, the perfect choice for powerful and reliable cleaning performance. Cirrus Vacuums are designed with advanced features and innovative technologies to ensure exceptional results and make your cleaning tasks easier than ever.

Cirrus Vacuums are known for their impressive suction power, effectively removing dirt, dust, and debris from various surfaces. Whether you have carpets, hardwood floors, or tiles, these vacuums deliver thorough cleaning, leaving your floors spotless and fresh.

These vacuums are built to withstand the demands of everyday cleaning. With durable construction and high-quality materials, Cirrus Vacuums are designed for long-lasting performance. You can rely on them to tackle your cleaning needs for years to come.

Cirrus Vacuums come equipped with efficient filtration systems that effectively trap allergens and airborne particles. This helps improve indoor air quality and creates a healthier environment for you and your family.

With user-friendly features like adjustable suction settings, versatile attachments, and easy-to-empty dustbins or bags, Cirrus Vacuums offer convenience and ease of use. The ergonomic designs and lightweight construction make maneuvering and navigating around your home effortless.

Choose Cirrus Vacuums for their exceptional performance and durability. Experience the cleaning power and reliability they provide, and enjoy a cleaner and healthier living space. Cirrus Vacuums are the ideal choice for those who value efficiency, convenience, and excellent cleaning results.

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