Clean Obsessed CO711 Canister w/ Lithium Battery Power Nozzle

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The most powerful lightweight commercial canister

The Clean Obsessed doesn’t sacrifice power, despite its lightweight and compact design. With 115 inches of water lift, the Clean Obsessed Canister Vacuum gets down deep to give floors a truly complete clean.


CO711 Compact Canister with the high-power battery nozzle that makes cleaning even easier. While the Clean Obsessed vacuum is powered through a cord, the power nozzle is battery powered.


This Power Nozzle has a runtime of up to one hour on a single battery charge.

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The Clean Obsessed CO711 Canister with Lithium Battery Power Nozzle is a versatile and efficient cleaning solution that offers convenience and powerful performance. This canister vacuum combines the flexibility of a cordless design with the suction strength and versatility of a traditional canister vacuum.

The highlight of this vacuum is its lithium battery-powered nozzle, which provides consistent and powerful suction without the hassle of cords or outlets. The battery-powered nozzle allows for easy maneuverability and freedom of movement, making it ideal for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and hard-to-reach areas. The nozzle’s motorized brush roll effectively agitates and lifts dirt and debris from various floor surfaces, including carpets, rugs, and hardwood floors.

The Clean Obsessed CO711 Canister features a lightweight and compact canister unit that houses the powerful motor and filtration system. The canister includes a dust bag or dirt cup with ample capacity, minimizing the need for frequent emptying. The unit is equipped with a multi-stage filtration system that captures fine particles and allergens, promoting cleaner and healthier air quality.

This canister vacuum comes with a range of attachments, such as a crevice tool, upholstery brush, and dusting brush, providing versatility for different cleaning tasks. The attachments can be conveniently stored onboard the canister for easy access and organization.

With its cordless design, powerful lithium battery-powered nozzle, and versatile attachments, the Clean Obsessed CO711 Canister offers the flexibility and performance needed to tackle various cleaning tasks around the home. Whether it’s vacuuming carpets, removing pet hair from furniture, or reaching tight spaces, this canister vacuum delivers efficient and convenient cleaning.

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