Covid-19 Cleaning Tips

You want to have a HEPA vacuum cleaner..

It is best to have an advanced vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters and a sealed filtration system to lock in 99.99% of airborne particulates. These can be used to vacuum carpet and hard surface floors. When you use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air filter), the vacuum will capture and trap potentially dangerous microbes and particles, preventing them from becoming airborne. Before COVID-19, this helped protect indoor air quality. Now, with COVID-19, these filters can help prevent the spread of the infection.

After you vacuum, clean the cleaning equipment..

A variety of tools and equipment are used to clean. These include floor machines, vacuum cleaners, brushes, sprayers, auto dilution devices, carts and more. All too often, cleaning the cleaning equipment is overlooked which can lead to the spread of infection. That cannot continue in the age of COVID-19. All these tools must be put on a regular cleaning schedule based on the frequency of use. This means such tools as vacuum cleaners and carts, used daily, may need to be cleaned each day, possibly after each use. Other tools may need to be cleaned less frequently, again based on their use. First clean the tool and then disinfect.

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