Central Vacuum Bags & Filters by Brand

Central Central Vacuum Bags & Filters

  • Titan 7″ Cartridge Filter (TCS5525)

    The Titan 7″ Cartridge Replacement Filter is designed to keep the air in your home fresh. Without proper filtration, dust and particles will contaminate your air, which can threaten your healt



  • Titan TCS5702 / TCS6602 HEPA Central Vacuum Cloth Bags

    Titan Central Vacuum bags

    These Titan HEPA central vacuum bags are beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers because HEPA filtration traps fine dust, dirt and allergen particles that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. These HEPA Type bags fit the following central vacuums Titan: TCS5702, TCS6602. It is recommended changing the bag when it is 1/2 full or there is a loss of suction. This will keep your central vacuum system running at its peak performance.



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