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  • Dirt Devil Type G Vacuum Bag

    Dirt Devil Type G

    • Dirt Devil Type G Vacuum Bags.
    • 3 Bags in pack.
    • Genuine Filter Media 122SW
    • Manufacturer Part No.: 122SW


  • Powr-Flite 19″ Tufted Pad Driver

    1/2″ long heavy polypropylene bristles with 1/2″ staple set for secure pad holding and includes a 1 1/4″ riser. Fits 20″ Powr-Flite floor machines.

    Replacement clutch plates and risers can be purchased for maintenance needs. Clutch plates come in both plastic and metal options and are available regardless of what was on the original pad driver as it maintains the 5″ centerhole to fit your machine.  Riser replacements are 1 1/4″ in size.



  • Powr-Flite 19″ Economy Pad Driver

    19″ Economy Pad Driver with built in riser and UP2P clutch plate



  • Powr-Flite Spotter 3G w/ Stretch Hose & Detail Tool

    The Powr-Flite Photon®, equipped with a clear-view hand tool and a 2-stage vac motor, this compact Spotter demonstrates cleaning power that far exceeds its size. The best part? A telescopic handle and large wheels make it easy to bring this machine wherever you need it most. Spot-cleaning carpets and rugs, upholstery cleaning, even car wash support- this Spotter does it all!

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