• Wessel Werk TK286 Vacuum Cleaner 1-1/4″ 32mm Turbo Tool

    Wessel-Werk Fit All Floor Turbo cleaner head.

    Fits most standard vacuums with 1 and 1/4″

    Great for low pile rugs and carpets. Suction slide to adjust suction level for different thickness of carpets.



  • SEBO AirBelt K2 Premium Turbo Canister

    The K2 Turbo Canister Vacuum

    With Quality Turbo tool for carpets and a soft parquet floor tool for hard floors.

    Accessories Included:
    (1) Telescopic Cleaning Wand
    (1) Canister Hose
    (1) SEBO 6780ER Turbo Head
    (1) SEBO 6391DA Floor Brush
    (1)  Upholstery and Crevice Tool
    (1) Dusting Brush
    Color: Black Cherry


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