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Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel 15oz



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Fresh Wave Gel can tackle even the toughest of odors…pets, bathrooms, mildew, trash, skunk…even food odors. Place the Gel container where odors are strongest, and MAGIC your odor problem solved. Replace every 30-60 days.


As it evaporates, Fresh Wave Gel completely removes odors using safe, natural ingredients – no toxic chemicals or fake fragrances — with a lasting fresh essence.

Eliminating strong odors quickly?

Fresh Wave Gel uses the power of plants to find and eliminate bad odor molecules. As Gel disappears, so do nasty smells.


  • Pet Area Odor (litter boxes, sleep and play areas)
  • Garage Odor
  • Basement Odor
  • Storage Odor
  • Bathroom Odor
  • Kitchen Odor
  • Locker Odor
  • Laundry Room Odor
  • Boats and RV Odor
  • Return Air Systems and Smoking Area Odor
  • and plenty more!


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