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Gonzo Pet Hair lifter Sponge single

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  • Picks up pet hair on the spot with every swipe, from clothing and anywhere in your home or car.
  • Doesn’t need water and leaves no residue, so it’s safe to use on most fabrics and surfaces.
  • 100% reusable so you can simply wipe hair, remove gathered hair, and use over and over again.
  • Works on all types of pet hair including dogs, cats and small pets.
  • Made with all natural materials that are environmentally-friendly; safe to wash, dry, and continue use.


In the battle against pet hair, arm yourself with the hair-targeting action of the Gonzo Natural Magic Pet Hair Lifter. More effective than a vacuum cleaner or lint brush, this handy sponge lets you wipe off cat or dog hair easily and on the spot, whether on lampshades, blinds, bedding, upholstery, and even on your clothes. Because you use it dry, right out of the package, it leaves no residue and it’s safe to use on any fabric or surface—even on window screens, baseboards, auto interiors, walls, and computer screens. Plus, it’s 100% reusable for a hair-free home and wardrobe, time after time, making it the environmentally-friendly, hair-eliminating tool in your cleaning arsenal.


Use dry, never wet!

  • Hold Pet Hair Lifter in hand. Gently wipe pet hair off surfaces with an even, sweeping motion, beginning from the top of the surface. Exert moderate pressure.
  • Simply pick up and dispose of gathered pet hair and the sponge will be ready to use again.


1 review for Gonzo Pet Hair lifter Sponge single

  1. Debra Rorvik (verified owner)


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