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Hoover Fold Away Upright Hepa Filter



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Hoover Foldaway & Turbo Power 3100 Vacuum Cleaner

HEPA Filter


This HEPA filter will fit Hoover Upright Bageless Widepath, Hoover Foldaway & Turbo Power 3100

Envirocare part # F924

Designed to fit the Hoover Foldaway Upright Vacuums models listed below and more:


    • Widepath Bagless Upright – U5172900, U5175900
    • Hoover Foldaway Upright
      Foldaway 50 – U5161-900, U5162-900, U5163-900 U5163-940, U5164-900, U5162911, UH40155, U5162906, U5176950, U5164900
    • Hoover Foldaway Upright Bagless – U5165900
    • Hoover Foldaway Widepath – U5171-900, U5171900, U5173-900, U5174-900, U5175-900, U5177-900
    • Fold Away Widepath Bagless Upright – U5179900, U5179906, U5170900, U5174900
    • Hoover Foldaway TurboPOWER – U5167-900, U5167900
    • Hoover Foldaway TurboPOWER 3100 – U5175950
    • Runabout Upright – U5173950, U5173900


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