Miele Electric C2 Compact Hose Assembly (SES117)

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Miele C2 Compact Electric Hose (SES117)

S6000 series canister and the C2 Compact Canister vacuum cleaner. This hose has an ergonomic grip with a power nozzle on/off switch for enhanced user convenience. A small pigtail connects the base of the hose to the canister itself.

Miele C2 Compact Electric Hose (SES117)

The Miele Electric C2 Compact Hose Assembly (SES117), a genuine replacement part designed specifically for Miele C2 Compact series canister vacuum cleaners. This electric hose assembly is essential for maintaining optimal performance and functionality of your Miele vacuum.

It is made from high-quality materials that ensure longevity and reliable performance, even with frequent use. The assembly includes the electric hose, handle, and all necessary fittings for easy installation.

With its electric power feature, this hose assembly provides enhanced cleaning capabilities. It is designed to accommodate Miele electric powerbrushes, allowing for efficient and thorough cleaning of carpets and rugs. The electric connection ensures consistent and powerful brush agitation, effectively removing embedded dirt and debris from your floors.

The ergonomic design of the Miele Electric C2 Compact Hose Assembly (SES117) ensures comfortable and effortless cleaning. The hose offers a flexible reach, enabling you to easily maneuver around furniture and clean hard-to-reach areas with ease. The handle is ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip during extended cleaning sessions.

Replacing the hose assembly is quick and hassle-free. Simply detach the old assembly from your Miele C2 Compact canister vacuum and securely attach the new one. The fittings provide a secure and tight connection, ensuring optimal suction power and electrical conductivity.

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