Miele S5 Electric Hose w/ Variable Speed Controls (SES130)

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Replacement vacuum cleaner hose for Miele S5981 vacuum cleaners. Direct connect and electrified Miele vacuum hose can be used with Miele SET210 and SET220 wands only. Genuine Miele part – SES130 with suction control and power on/off in hose handle with Upgraded PC Board.


Please Note: This hose requires the PC board inside the vacuum to be replaced by an authorized Miele repair center. The PC board is included with the hose, and this new hose will not work with the S5980 without the PC board change.  The hose will work with out the pc board change with model S5981.


Fits Models:


  • S5980 Miele (will Need Computer Board installed)
  • S5981 Miele (disregard Computer board)

The Miele S5 Electric Hose with Variable Speed Controls is an advanced and user-friendly accessory designed for Miele canister vacuum cleaners. This electric hose features variable speed controls, allowing you to adjust the suction power according to your cleaning needs. With the ability to customize the suction level, you can effectively clean delicate surfaces, upholstery, and rugs without causing any damage. The electric hose connects easily to your Miele canister vacuum, providing a seamless and reliable connection for efficient cleaning performance. It is equipped with a durable and flexible construction, ensuring optimal maneuverability and reach throughout your home. Additionally, the electric hose incorporates a built-in handle that provides comfortable and ergonomic control during cleaning sessions. Whether you need gentle suction for delicate surfaces or maximum power for deep cleaning, the Miele S5 Electric Hose with Variable Speed Controls offers versatile functionality and convenience, making it an essential accessory for Miele canister vacuum owners.

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