Miele SEB228 & SEB236 Nozzle Belt

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Miele Cogged Belt for Power nozzle SEB228, SEB236 and SEB 234.  This cogged belt allow power to go directly from the drive motor to the Brushroll without and slipping.  The cogged belt provides a steady speed of the Brushroll regardless of carpet height.  Belt will last a long time will not need to be changed regularly.  To reduce wear on belt avoid getting objects caught in Brushroll like shoelaces, sheets, rags, and edge of area carpets.

The Miele SEB Nozzle Belt is a high-quality replacement belt designed specifically for Miele SEB series power nozzles. This belt is responsible for driving the brush roll inside the power nozzle, effectively agitating and lifting dirt and debris from carpets and rugs. Made with durable materials, the SEB Nozzle Belt ensures long-lasting performance and reliable power transmission. When the brush roll stops rotating or the belt becomes worn or damaged, it’s important to replace it with the Miele SEB Nozzle Belt to maintain optimal cleaning performance. With its precise fit and easy installation, this belt ensures a secure and effective connection between the motor and the brush roll, resulting in efficient and thorough cleaning. Keep your Miele power nozzle in top condition with the Miele SEB Nozzle Belt, ensuring your floors receive the best cleaning performance with every use.

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