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Miele Cordless Triflex HX1 Cat&Dog Stick Vacuum



Cordless stick vacuum cleaner  With additional handheld brush – GREAT FOR PET OWNERS
  • Innovative 3-1 for ultimate flexibility
  • As powerful as a full size Miele vacuum cleaner
  • Replaceable Li-ion rechargeable battery. Up to 60 min runtime
  • Maximum air hygiene with Lifetime HEPA filter
  • 11″ wide Electrobrush with BrilliantLight for all flooring types


Cordless stick vacuum cleaner With additional handheld brush – ideal for pet owners.
  • As powerful as a full size Miele vacuum cleaner
  • Innovative 3-in-1 function for ultimate flexibility
  • Maximum air hygiene with HEPA lifetime filter
  • Replaceable Li-ion rechargeable battery. Up to 60 min runtime
  • 11″ wide Electrobrush with BrilliantLight for all flooring types

Inside the Box

  • Crevice nozzle
  • Dusting brush with synthetic bristles
  • Upholstery nozzle XXL SPD 20
  • Electric brush Electro Compact SEB 23
  • Electric brush Multi Floor XXL SEB 435 with BrilliantLight
  • Wall Mount
  • Power supply unit

Benefits of the Miele Stick Vacuum

High-Quality Miele Stick Vacuum

Regular cleaning is important when maintaining a property. Sticking to a regular cleaning schedule will make your property look appealing and remain valuable on the market.

If you’re looking for a tool to make cleaning a breeze, invest in a Miele stick vacuum from All About Vacuums today. A Miele stick vacuum offers several benefits that are not available in other vacuum cleaners. Using this vacuum cleaner will encourage you to clean more often and become your tool to finally enjoy cleaning your property!

Why Purchase The Miele Stick Vacuum?

  • Great for Pet Owners
  • As Powerful as a Full-Size Miele Vacuum
  • Up to 60 Minute Runtime

What Makes Miele Stick Vacuums Different?

Miele has been voted the best product of all time across all product categories in Germany. This recognition alone speaks volumes about the durability and efficacy of Miele stick vacuums.

Investing in a Miele c3 cat & dog vacuum, Miele cordless Triflex hx1 cat & dog stick vacuum, or other vacuum models from the brand is a smart investment because of their unique features. For example, Miele stick vacuums are known to clean heavy carpeting and smooth flooring without the need to switch through various settings. Talk about ease of use, right?

Every Miele vacuum cleaner also comes with a powerful AirClean system that easily traps 99% of dust particles and ensures that these don’t re-enter your property. With this technology, you can finally breathe cleaner air indoors and protect yourself from severe allergic reactions!

Because of its FiberTeQ Combination floor tool, using a Miele stick vacuum will also make it very easy for you to remove stubborn debris from various flooring surfaces and tight corners. Your floors will finally shine again and look as good as new when you buy a Miele stick vacuum!

Can’t Wait To Get Your Hands on a Miele Stick Vacuum?

Easily maintain the cleanliness of your property by getting your very own Miele stick vacuum or Miele cordless Triflex hx1 cat & dog stick vacuum. This brand has been in the industry for decades, and using one will surely lessen your burden when cleaning.

If you have questions about our Miele stick vacuums or other products, contact us at (215) 230-7000.


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