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Oreck Upright XL Type CC Vacuum Bags 8 Pk.

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Oreck Type CC XL Upright Vacuums Bags 8 Pack

EnviroCare Oreck Upright XL vacuum bags type CC.  Fits all XL vacuums with plastic bag dock and with out bag dock.

Package comes with 8 AntiAllergen disposable Vacuum bags



EnviroCare Replacement Anti-Allergen Vacuum Bags for Oreck Type CC, XL. Fits All XL7, XL21, 2000’s, 3000’s, 4000’s, 8000’s, 9000’s Series Model Upright Vacuum Cleaners 8 Pack


  • Odor Fighting: 7 Times more effective in reducing unpleasant odors
  • 99.9% Filtration Traps Microscopic Particles and Allergens
  • Will Not Tear, Stronger than Paper
  • Compare to Oreck CCPK80F Bags for All Oreck Machines using a Type CC Bag
  • Antimicrobial Protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Made by EnviroCare


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Learn More About Type CC Bags

Shop Type CC Vacuum Bags Online

Oreck vacuum cleaners are one of the best brands today because they’re lightweight (weighs only ten pounds, which is less than most vacuum cleaners), use HEPA filters, and can absorb 99.97% of particles in the air. This brand also has a low-profile design that’s easy to use.

If you own an Oreck vacuum at home, make sure that you only use Type CC vacuum bags. Using other types of vacuum bags might adversely affect the condition of your vacuum cleaner or the quality of your cleaning.

We at All About Vacuum have been selling different Type CC vacuum bags for years, helping property owners like you maximize their Oreck vacuum cleaners.

Why Buy Type CC Vacuum Bags?

  • Strong & Durable
  • Better Airflow
  • 99.9% Filtration

Oreck Upright XL Type CC vacuum bags and different types of HEPA bags work well with Oreck vacuums. These vacuum bags are seven times more effective in reducing unpleasant odors and are sturdier and stronger than paper, which means that they won’t tear apart easily.

Because Type CC vacuum bags can trap in microscopic particles and allergens, using these alongside your Oreck vacuum cleaner will enable you to breathe healthier air indoors. These vacuum bags can also trap pet dander, which means that you don’t have to repeatedly clean after your pet indoors, especially when they’re shedding.

The Oreck Upright XL Type CC vacuum bags have become more popular today because they are known to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria indoors. By using these vacuum bags regularly, you won’t have to worry about debris recirculating into the air again.

Buy the Best Type CC Vacuum Bags From the Best Online Supplier!

Vacuum bags are available in many offline and online stores today, but buying these items anywhere doesn’t guarantee quality or value. Your Oreck vacuum cleaner requires a specific type and size of the vacuum bag, which is why you should be careful about what and where you buy.

If you’re going to stock up on Oreck Upright XL Type CC vacuum bags, check out our great line of products. At All About Vacuums, we offer high-quality, branded vacuum bags at affordable prices. With various Type CC vacuum bags, we’re confident that we’ll have something for your Oreck vacuum model.

2 reviews for Oreck Upright XL Type CC Vacuum Bags 8 Pk.

  1. Kelly J. Scholer hi (verified owner)

    It will be a 5 star rating just got to make sure it’s good til bag fills and all. I love the bags so far and they arrived promptly as well.
    Thank You

  2. Jane Flannery-Hall (verified owner)

    Such wonderful service! Received so quickly and item is perfect!

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