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Perfect C105 H-10 Hepa Cloth Bag 9pk



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High Grade HEPA H-10 Filtration Vacuum Bags

Fits Clean obsessed CO711, Perfect C105, Bissell BGC3000

9 Bags per Pack



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High Grade HEPA H-10 Filtration Vacuum bag

Clean Air H-10 Hepa Material (5 Layer Filtration)

Captures Over 99% of all household debris, Stronger & Sturdier that regular vacuum Bags.


Designed to fit:

Perfect C105

Clean Obsessed CO711

Bissell BGC3000

Additional Information

Short for “high-efficiency particulate air,” HEPA bags can provide our families and homes with various benefits. Utilizing these filters will allow you to trap huge numbers of the most minuscule particles that regular vacuum cleaners will simply throwback into the air you breathe. HEPA cloth vacuum bags are the recommended choice when you want to minimize dander, dust, and other common allergens. If you’re looking for the best HEPA bags to buy, look no further than the Perfect C105 H-10 Hepa Cloth Bag, now available online.

Why Purchase These Vacuum Bags?

  • Captures Over 99% of Household Debris
  • Stronger and Sturdier Than Normal Bags
  • Allergy-Friendly

There are many advantages to purchasing HEPA cloth vacuum bags, many of which will serve you, your family, and your home.

Captures Over 99% of Household Debris

Our HEPA filters provide 99.97% of micro-filtration which can detect particles up to 0.3 microns. When choosing a HEPA filter for your vacuum, you can be sure that our product will improve your home’s air quality. From bacteria, allergens, pet dander, dust, and other debris, our HEPA filters work through our Clean Air H-10 Hepa Material with a 5 Layer Filtration process, which can be broken down to:

  • Impact: Where larger particles hit the fibers directly and are broken down.
  • Interception: Where the smaller particles are caught by the filter’s strong fibers.
  • Diffusion: Where the smallest particles collide with gas molecules and are neutralized.

To ensure the maximum efficiency of our filters, be sure to replace them every six months at the least. However, this will also vary depending on the number of particles they filter and the environment where they are used. 

Stronger & Sturdier Than Normal Bags

If you’re looking to make the most use out of your HEPA bags without having to replace them every time you clean, our products will provide you with the most value for money. Our HEPA cloth vacuum bags are made from thick, durable plastic, and are the perfect choice for heavy-duty vacuuming around every room in the house. Equipped with an airtight valve, these bags won’t burst open or rip while you use them.

Each pack contains nine HEPA cloth vacuum bags and is guaranteed to deliver great results. Compared to usual bags, these are both sturdier and stronger, so you can clean more rooms and get more done. If you’re planning to clean the whole house in just one sweep, don’t worry; these HEPA bags can contain everything your vacuum captures.


If you’re looking for solutions to your allergies, the best thing to do is to avoid anything that might trigger it. While it can be easily preventable in some cases, those allergens in air particles, such as pet dander, can easily enter our home studio, the living room, and even our bedroom. It’s in these cases that a HEPA filter vacuum can help your surroundings stay clean and healthy.

Using a vacuum with a HEPA bag can provide you with relief from various allergens.

Because these materials are hard to spot, they are some of the most common allergens, all of which produce varied reactions. However, all are just bigger than 0.3 microns, so HEPA filters inside vacuum cleaners can eliminate threats that regular vacuum cleaners can’t.

Contact Us Today for a Cleaner Solution

HEPA bags are the safest option for people who suffer from respiratory conditions and allergies. However, just because a filter says “HEPA,” doesn’t mean you’re always getting true HEPA performance. For the best vacuum performance, buy the Perfect C105 H-10 Hepa Cloth Bag online. For more HEPA bag options, you may also check out our hoover vacuum bags.


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