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Riccar Immaculate, Impeccable HEPA Filter Set RF17G



Fits these Riccar and Simplicity canister models:
  • Riccar Immaculate (IMMAC) canister
  • Riccar Impeccable (IMPEC) canister
  • Riccar 1800 canister
  • Riccar 1700 canister
  • Simplicity S30 canister
  • Simplicity S36 canister
  • Simplicity S38 canister
  • Simplicity Moxie canister
  • Simplicity Gusto canister

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This replacement filter set fits the Riccar and Simplicity power team canisters. The set includes 1 S-Class HEPA media filter to trap particles and 1 premium granulated charcoal filter to remove odors.
The RF17G filter includes a HEPA media cartridge and a granulated charcoal filter cartridge and is the same as the SFi3G filter.
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