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Simplicity Freedom/ Riccar SupraLite Belt (2 Pack)



ULW-B2 Fits all Tacony Lightweight Vacuums

Fits Riccar SupraLite and Simplicity Freedom 10 Series ultra-lightweight vacuums. Also fits CleanMax Zoom Series and Titan ZM500

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This 2-pack of belts fits the Simplicity Freedom models and the Riccar SupraLite models.

This belt replaces S10B-2 and SBF-2 and fits only these vacuum cleaners:

  • Cordless Freedom S10CV
  • Freedom S10 Series including S10E, S10S and S10D models
  • Freedom S10 patriotic USA models
  • Freedom F3300, F3400, F3500 and F3600 models
  • Freedom F3600-USA patriotic model
  • Freedom commercial F3300C and F3500C models
  • Wonder Tandem Air Deluxe Power Nozzle
  • Volt electric power nozzle
  • Cordless SupraLite R10CV
  • SupraLite R10 Series including R10E, R10S and R10D models
  • SupraLite R10 patriotic USA models
  • SupraLite RSL1, RSL3 and RSL4 models
  • SupraLite RSL patriotic USA models
  • SupraLite RSL1AC and RSL3C models
  • Prima Tandem Air Deluxe Power Nozzle

Please note this belt will not fit the S10SAND or S10P models with lifetime belt protection.


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