Miele Mattress Nozzle

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Genuine Miele Mattress nozzle

  • Vacuuming gaps between bed frames, mattresses and sofa cushions.
  • Thread catchers remove hair and lint
  • Slim design for tight spaces
  • Compatible with all Miele vacuum cleaners

Genuine Miele Mattress nozzle

Introducing the Miele Mattress Nozzle, an essential accessory for your Miele vacuum cleaner. This specialized nozzle is designed specifically for cleaning mattresses, upholstery, and other soft surfaces with ease and efficiency.

The Miele Mattress Nozzle features a unique design that effectively removes dust, allergens, and debris from your mattresses and upholstered furniture. Its wide and flat shape allows for thorough cleaning across the surface, reaching deep into crevices and fabric folds. The nozzle’s gentle yet powerful suction ensures effective dirt extraction without damaging delicate fabrics.

This attachment is compatible with a range of Miele vacuum cleaner models, ensuring a seamless fit and easy installation. Simply connect the Miele Mattress Nozzle to the wand or hose of your Miele vacuum cleaner, and you’re ready to tackle your mattress cleaning tasks.

Cleaning your mattress and upholstery has never been easier. The Miele Mattress Nozzle glides smoothly across the surface, effortlessly removing dust, pet hair, and other particles. It helps create a healthier environment by reducing allergens and promoting cleaner air quality in your home.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Miele Mattress Nozzle. Enhance your cleaning routine by adding this specialized accessory to your Miele vacuum cleaner. Enjoy fresh and clean mattresses and upholstery, thanks to the powerful suction and gentle cleaning action of this high-quality attachment.

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