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  • VacuMaid SR38 Central vacuum Unit
  • Inside VacuMaid SR38 unit with bag install
  • VacuMaid SR38 installation

VacuMaid Central Vacuum Unit SR38



The VacuMaid SR38 6.75-Gallon Power Unit has the dirt capacity of 27 qt, with an easy inverted bag canister for quick disposal of all allergens and dirt produced inside your home. This improves the air quality and may alleviate any allergy symptoms experienced due to dust mites.

  • 740 Max Airwatts, 138 CFM, 138 Waterlift, 14.5 Max Amps
  • For Homes Up To 6,000 Sq Ft
  • Bagged Unit: HEPA Multi Layer Disposable Bag
  • Large 6.75-Gallon Dirt Capacity
  • Quiet Operation: 58 dB When Vented Outside
  • HEPA Quality Filtration
  • 5.7” Ultra 2-Stage Flow-thru Motor Provides Powerful Cleaning Capabilities


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