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Central Vacuums

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We know that vacuuming can be bothersome and time consuming. Installing a central vacuum could be the answer to these problems, so why haven’t more people installed one? Many homeowners aren’t aware central vacuums are an option, and there are misconceptions about how they work.

Big name vacuum manufacturers make more money selling portable vacuum cleaners than selling their central vacuum systems, so they do not heavily market central vacuums. Most of these name brand big box store vacuums that are heavily advertised end up breaking within the first 3 years of purchase and it can be frustrating to buy a new vacuum that often.

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding central vacuums is that installing a system in an existing home requires major renovations and walls being torn down. This is just not the case. The only hole required is covered with an inlet backing plate, and the pipes are usually fed through a basement, an attic or a crawlspace. A new central vacuum unit could really SIMPLIFY your cleaning experience. Simplicity vacuums and central vacuums are made with high quality materials, and these machines last for 20+ Years, so say good-bye to having to get a new vacuum cleaner every few years. Here at All About Vacuums we have highly trained specialists who repair and service vacuum cleaners as well as central vacuum units. Give us a call today and speak to a member of our staff to see if a central vacuum would be the right fit for you.


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